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List of classes

The table shows the list of classes of “Unirea” National High School in Tîrgu Mureş for the current school year. The table is sorted ascending according to te column Class. For more details click on classes in the table.

Nr.Class Class MasterSpecialtySectionProfileStudents
1 ASîntean ClaudiaPreparatory classRomanian-25
2I AStoica Andreea TeodoraPrimary classRomanian-36
3II ARoşca Adriana CrinaPrimary classRomanian-34
4III ACâmpean MihaelaPrimary classRomanian-26
5IV ARussu Monica ElisabetaPrimary classRomanian-33
6V APotcoavă Diana CosminaSecondary classRomanian-32
7VI AVarga MártaSecondary classRomanian-36
8VII ABoar TeodoraSecondary classRomanian-28
9VII BDălălău Titi VasileSecondary classRomanian-19
10VIII AComşa Maria LetiţiaSecondary classRomanian-28
11VIII BCostea Adrian AndreiSecondary classRomanian-27
12IX AChira CristianaMathematics-InformaticsRomanianReal30
13IX BBranea Cristina MariaNature SciencesRomanianReal28
14IX CLupaescu ConstantinNature SciencesRomanianReal26
15IX DSabău Laura StancaSocial SciencesRomanianHuman29
16IX ERomonţi Mioara CorinaPhilologyRomanianHuman27
17X AHecser Enikő KrisztinaMathematics-InformaticsRomanianReal28
18X BMotorga MariaNature SciencesRomanianReal30
19X CRus LauraNature SciencesRomanianReal28
20X DMarin Marius SebastianSocial SciencesRomanianHuman28
21X EBândilă MelaniaPhilologyRomanianHuman28
22XI AMărginean ManuelaMathematics-InformaticsRomanianReal26
23XI BSuciu StancaNature SciencesRomanianReal36
24XI CRadu Suzana MariaNature SciencesRomanianReal28
25XI DRad Mihaela SorinaSocial SciencesRomanianHuman29
26XI EPintilie TündePhilologyRomanianHuman28
27XII ANegrea Ana MariaMathematics-InformaticsRomanianReal34
28XII BBlaga CristinelNature SciencesRomanianReal31
29XII CMircea TeodoraNature SciencesRomanianReal32
30XII DPaşca Simion MihaiSocial SciencesRomanianHuman32
31XII EBaciu-Marinescu PetruPhilologyRomanianHuman25

The total number of classes is 31 with a number of 907 students. Average students number / class is 29.26.

mecsigla M E RMinistry of Education and Research

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