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The calendar contains the most important school events and major activities of “Unirea” National High School’s for the current school year. The dates are only indicative because they can change during the year.

Tîrgu Mureş

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The Gallery contains the most important buildings of the city such as the Prefecture, Palace of Culture, Town Hall, National Theatre, Medieval Fortress, “Teleki-Bolyai” Library, places of worship such as the Big and Small Orthodox Cathedral, the Reformed Church in the Fortress, Roman Catholic Cathedral, the Synagogue, the Museum of Natural Sciences, universities: University of Medicine and Pharmacy, “Petru Maior” Technical University Sapientia and important schools: the “Unirea” National High School, Bolyai Farkas Theoretical High School, “Alexandru Papiu Ilarian” National High School.

Educational offer

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From one generation to another, continuity builds tradition, and when this passes values, the process obtains the certainty of accomplishment. The whole educational profile of the “Unirea” National High School offers guarantee for success through its opening.


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The table shows the teaching staff of “Unirea” National High School in Tîrgu Mureş. The table can be sorted according to the columns: Name, Specialty, Grad or Years. The Years column refers to the years the teacher has worked for “Unirea” National High School.

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