Alumni “Unirea” National High School

Alumnus Area

The intention of the “Unirea” National High School is to keep a permanent relation with the previous alumni to support the realization of their careers, as much in our country as in foreign countries too, but also to immortalize the values of our high school.

Alumni “Unirea” National High School

The alumni of our high school continue to have a meaningful role for us after finishing the years of study. We keep their allegiance at our school's community, leaving an always open dialogue... They are who honor us, and for that we thank them. We leave on the site of our institution a special page dedicated to them.

Do you want to keep in touch with your old classmates? Do you want to keep up with the generation where you belong?

We believe in long term relationships, reciprocity and fairness. We wish to help you keep your relationships established during the years of study, to (re)establish old relationship or to establish new ones, to help you keep in touch with the “Unirea” National High School and to plan meetings with the alumni and the teachers.

Together we will form the data base of the alumni, with personal and professional contacts with your old classmates and other new ones. To re-actualize and to complete the data base, we address everyone who wishes to keep in contact with The “Unirea” National High School to complete a simple form.

The information which will facilitate the mutual communication are:

  • Name and first name
  • The last finished university (or currently attending to)
  • The city and the country of the (finished or unfinished) university
  • Contacts (e-mail)

The data will be posted on the site after the administrator's validation.

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