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List of students XI C

Table with the list of students from XI C class of the actual school year from the “Unirea” National High School in Tîrgu Mureş, class master Rus Laura, specialty Nature Sciences, Intensiv Germană-Franceză, Romanian section, Real profile. The table can be ordered by the Name or Sex columns.

Nr.Name SexEnvironment
1Achim Andrada LorenaFeminineUrban
2Bălaşa Ana KarinaFeminineUrban
3Bota Eduard SilviuMasculineUrban
4Buga Daria MariaFeminineUrban
5Cioată Andreea CristinaFeminineUrban
6Cristurean Teodor DavidMasculineUrban
7Fanea IlincaFeminineUrban
8Galdea Sonia MariaFeminineUrban
9Handrea Dragoş IoanMasculineUrban
10Ilinca Loredana IoanaFeminineUrban
11Lungu SaraFeminineUrban
12Marian Viorel DanielMasculineUrban
13Marin Diana IzabelaFeminineUrban
14Mariş IngridFeminineUrban
15Maroscher Daria CarlaFeminineUrban
16Pădurean AlissiaFeminineUrban
17Pop Andreea IuliaFeminineUrban
18Pop Ariana LarisaFeminineUrban
19Rîşniţă SandraFeminineUrban
20Roska Andrada DenisaFeminineUrban
21Suceava AdelinaFeminineUrban
22Suciu Andrei PatrickMasculineUrban
23Suciu DariaFeminineUrban
24Szász AndreaFeminineUrban
25Toma DenisaFeminineUrban
26Trif PaulMasculineUrban
27Ţiţiu Monica IuliaFeminineUrban
28Vultur Cristina GabrielaFeminineUrban

The total number of students in class XI C from “Unirea” National High School: 28, 22 girls and 6 boys.

Class XI C students distribution on sex

Sex Caption
 Feminine (22)
 Masculine (6)

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