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List of students X B

Table with the list of students from X B class of the actual school year from the “Unirea” National High School in Tîrgu Mureş, class master Lazin Cristina, specialty Nature Sciences, Intensiv Engleză, Romanian section, Real profile. The table can be ordered by the Name or Sex columns.

Nr.Name SexEnvironment
1Anghel Mara AmaliaFeminineUrban
2Berkeczi EduardMasculineUrban
3Călin Denisa MariaFeminineUrban
4Căpuşan RoxanaFeminineUrban
5Chiluţ Ariana CarinaFeminineUrban
6Chiorean Patricia DorinaFeminineUrban
7Cioca Maria IoanaFeminineUrban
8Cîmpean Carina TeodoraFeminineUrban
9Csősz Andrea GabriellaFeminineUrban
10Fărcaş Raul CristianMasculineUrban
11Giurgiu Anca RoxanaFeminineUrban
12Huza Noris AdrianMasculineUrban
13Kardos DeliaFeminineUrban
14Khabour Dalia MariaFeminineUrban
15Leuca Diana IoanaFeminineUrban
16Lozneanu Bianca MariaFeminineUrban
17Moldovan Bianca FlorinaFeminineUrban
18Muntean DianaFeminineUrban
19Oltei TeodoraFeminineUrban
20Pastor AlexandraFeminineUrban
21Pastor CameliaFeminineUrban
22Pop Sorana MariaFeminineUrban
23Pop Vlad IoanMasculineUrban
24Ruja AlexiaFeminineUrban
25Săvîşcă Teodora MariaFeminineUrban
26Suciu MariaFeminineUrban
27Tanaszi Renata AlinaFeminineUrban
28Toncean OanaFeminineUrban
29Tóth SzilárdMasculineUrban
30Trif LucasMasculineUrban
31Ţiţiu Anca AndreeaFeminineUrban

The total number of students in class X B from “Unirea” National High School: 31, 25 girls and 6 boys.

Class X B students distribution on sex

Sex Caption
 Feminine (25)
 Masculine (6)

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