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List of students XI C

Table with the list of students from XI C class of the actual school year from the “Unirea” National High School in Tîrgu Mureş, class master Radu Suzana Maria, specialty Nature Sciences, Intensiv Germană-Franceză, Romanian section, Real profile. The table can be ordered by the Name or Sex columns.

Nr.NameSex Environment
1Balog KrisztinaFeminineUrban
2Cerghezan Denisa MariaFeminineRural
3Cioată SabinaFeminineUrban
4Damian DeboraFeminineUrban
5Farcaş EmanuelaFeminineRural
6Florea Diana MariaFeminineRural
7Fodor Denisa AnamariaFeminineUrban
8Gherasim Alexandra AriannaFeminineUrban
9Gherendi Raluca Andrada YaninaFeminineRural
10Hancu Oana MariaFeminineUrban
11Iosif IoanaFeminineUrban
12Luca Alexandra LorenaFeminineRural
13Maksai Alexia RalucaFeminineUrban
14Meşter Miruna MariaFeminineUrban
15Orza Adriana MariaFeminineUrban
16Pol AncaFeminineUrban
17Pop Ilinca CătălinaFeminineUrban
18Sîrb IlincaFeminineUrban
19Vişovan Denisa IoanaFeminineUrban
20Budău Paul AngeloMasculineUrban
21Maier AndreiMasculineRural
22Maiorescu RaulMasculineUrban
23Petriș Antonio IoanMasculineUrban
24Popa Andy DacianMasculineRural
25Sita Paul IonuțMasculineUrban
26Şamşudean Andrei ClaudiuMasculineUrban
27Tatár EduardMasculineUrban
28Vunvulea Alexandru MihaiMasculineUrban

The total number of students in class XI C from “Unirea” National High School: 28, 19 girls and 9 boys.

Class XI C students distribution on sex

Sex Caption
 Feminine (19)
 Masculine (9)

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