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List of students XI B

Table with the list of students from XI B class of the actual school year from the “Unirea” National High School in Tîrgu Mureş, class master Motorga Maria, specialty Nature Sciences, Intensiv Engleză, Romanian section, Real profile. The table can be ordered by the Name or Sex columns.

Nr.Name SexEnvironment
1Bîndilă Anamaria AlexandraFeminineRural
2Budaci Denisa SoranaFeminineUrban
3Budelecean NicolaeMasculineUrban
4Cioloboc JasminaFeminineUrban
5Cioloboc SeptimiuMasculineUrban
6Constantinescu Mara AndreeaFeminineUrban
7Conţiu Rafael HadrianMasculineUrban
8Cosma Andra DianaFeminineUrban
9Dulău Bianca AlexandraFeminineUrban
10Farcas Georgiana CezaraFeminineUrban
11Gligor Alex DanielMasculineUrban
12Grijanovschi MihaelaFeminineRural
13Kardos NoémiFeminineUrban
14Kocsis Helén AdriennFeminineRural
15Laslo LauraFeminineUrban
16Maier Ana NataliaFeminineUrban
17Nemeş Darius AlexandruMasculineUrban
18Papoi Alexandru CosminMasculineUrban
19Pavel Diana MariaFeminineUrban
20Rad Andrei RaduMasculineUrban
21Roman Daria MariaFeminineUrban
22Sărmăşan Paul TiberiuMasculineUrban
23Sipos Karina ŞtefaniaFeminineUrban
24Stoica VladMasculineUrban
25Şomfălean RareşMasculineUrban
26Şut Sorana CristinaFeminineUrban
27Tătărău OanaFeminineUrban
28Ungur AlexandrinaFeminineRural
29Ungur Andreea CristinaFeminineUrban
30Vlad Antonia MariaFeminineUrban

The total number of students in class XI B from “Unirea” National High School: 30, 20 girls and 10 boys.

Class XI B students distribution on sex

Sex Caption
 Feminine (20)
 Masculine (10)

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