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List of students VII A

Table with the list of students from VII A class of the actual school year from the “Unirea” National High School in Tîrgu Mureş, class master Suciu Stanca, specialty Secondary class, Romanian section. The table can be ordered by the Name or Sex columns.

Nr.Name SexEnvironment
1Căpăţînă DavidMasculineRural
2Cătinean DariusMasculineUrban
3Cetănaş Eli AlexanderMasculineUrban
4Coroian IoanaFeminineUrban
5Cucueet RaulMasculineUrban
6Duicu Alexandra MariaFeminineUrban
7Duicu RuxandraFeminineUrban
8Fodor Patricia MayaFeminineUrban
9Hulpuş Larisa AlexiaFeminineUrban
10Mare Eric DanielMasculineUrban
11Marica LucaMasculineUrban
12Mesaroş Vlad AlexandruMasculineUrban
13Moldovan Ana VictoriaFeminineUrban
14Moldovan Carina AlexiaFeminineUrban
15Ober Alexia ClaraFeminineUrban
16Oltean Luca ŞtefanMasculineUrban
17Pogaci Tudor Andrei MasculineUrban
18Pop CristianMasculineUrban
19Popa Alexandra MariaFeminineUrban
20Popa Andreea ElenaFeminineUrban
21Popoviciu Sabin EricMasculineUrban
22Rad Nicoleta MariaFeminineUrban
23Rîcean-Puiu IulianMasculineUrban
24Rîcean-Puiu ValentinMasculineUrban
25Rus RobertaFeminineUrban
26Rusu BarbaraFeminineUrban
27Şuteu Raluca AndreeaFeminineUrban
28Tătar IngridFeminineUrban
29Teban Maria CarlaFeminineUrban
30Viţa IlincaFeminineUrban
31Vlad Radu AlinMasculineUrban

The total number of students in class VII A from “Unirea” National High School: 31, 17 girls and 14 boys.

Class VII A students distribution on sex

Sex Caption
 Feminine (17)
 Masculine (14)

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